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Quick question and I think I know the answer myself. I have a nice lie mileage tracer with some decent bits in it and looming to do a euro trip next may. Trouble is I have no panniers or top box and not sure how good this bike 2ould be on a euro trip. My thoughts were to possibly buy maybe a triumph trophy to do the trip but in my head I think just spend some money on the tracer and be done with it. Thoughts please?

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  1. It’s a great bike and I have got panniers and top box and done a couple of trips this year testing everything for my trip to Italy next year and can’t fault it

    • What panniers and top box did you go for if you dont mind me asking?

      • Givi V35 panniers and givi e55 top box. The top box is big enough for two helmets and I also use a roll bag on the back seat for the tent / sleeping bag. But look at changing the seat, I did about 800 miles over 3 days and it isn’t the most comfortable and that was with the yamaha deeper one.

  2. Michael is the man to answer this.

  3. Not in Michael’s league but I did a near 6000 mile trip to Nordkapp and back in 3 weeks. More than capable bike fully loaded. Very relaxed seating position limited fatigue. Seat broke me in and no issue. I upgraded screen to Palmer Products for full front mech and screen. Perfect. Look at Shad system for panniers and top box – perfect for me.

  4. Top box, yam panniers, tank bag and givi bags on crash bars. The Tracer tours very well

  5. Enough room to fit gear for both of us for 2 weeks. Done 3 tours in Europe and this bike is just brilliant. She hustles well and corners like she’s on rails ? spend some money and have yourself some fun!!

  6. Great tourer rod 3 European trips , over 7000 miles and two of these trips with a pillion. Giv v35 , v46 box and a lem tankbag on the ring. No camping so that was plenty luggage for 2 people

  7. 21k numerous European tours plus Scotland a few times – brilliant tourer

  8. Scotland to Switzerland and back 2 up no problems all Yamaha luggage 50 ltr top box couldn’t fault the tracer

  9. Agree with everyone, more than capable. Mine’s nearing 34k miles, many of those long distance, several trips to Europe. First Euro trip was when the bike was 5 days old (it was one of the first sold) and the only luggage I had for it then was throw over panniers, semi disastrous, but it was for a weekend. In time Givi made the rails and Yamaha were able to eventually supply the rails and semi rigid luggage. That’s all I use now, not even a tank bag -its sitting in the cupboard un-used. Beyond luggage the two issues, one is the comfort of the seat – if you OK with that, then brilliant. The other is suspension, again if you happy with what you have then great, on the other hand, maybe use the money you were going to use for a Trophy and transform your Tracer. I did and can’t be happier.

  10. I’m assuming the ‘decent bits’ are suspension? Not much else needs doing. Mine’s been all round Europe, this year with the Mrs. I’ve got Shad quick release panniers and top box. The bike did fine!

  11. Thanks for all the replies. Time to start saving for some shiny parts for the bike.

  12. Take a look at shad luggage full set 48 fastbike bits. Com in Leeds I think

  13. I did 2k miles in Spain in June, took a 4L tank bag and 26L back box, was an 11 day drip. it’s a good bike for touring with the right screen and a comfy seat.

  14. Spaanse Pyreneën 2016 en in oktober 2017 Picos d’Europa

  15. 8500km, two bigger european trips since May this year with these two Beauties in the pic…the Givi V35 panniers and givi v47 top box, givi tank bag…carried all her stuff (ok…mine too 🙂 )…fantastic bike with plenty of torque and power even with pillion and luggage, in my case short screen (Slipscreen short) and standard seat…

  16. 11500 miles tour of 26 countries, 2 up tour to Scotland, couple of euro trips. Yamaha soft cases and givi top box plus tank bag. Big screen and memory foam seat. Great touring bike…plus awesome stripped down. Standard suspension with mct settings..steady as a rock when maxed out (wouldn’t go any faster) on autobahn…my only gripe is the’s still shite. Tracer is all you need

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