2016 Tracer 900 in Mistral Grey


Hi – I picked up my new 2016 Tracer 900 in minstral grey (the blue one) a few weeks ago from Cresent in Bournemouth (UK)- it’s now run in, so time to do the big twist. I’m in love – It’s so light on it’s toes… it takes a bit of getting used to (Fazer 1000 for 12 years before this). But wow, when you open-up on a smooth twisty B road with good vision ahead – it’s inspired! I totally get what all the hype was about. Lovin’ this bike – it’s a keeper. Who cares about the standard screen when you’re having this much fun! No time to think about it.

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  1. I was once told that upright bikes are no fun, picked up my Tracer on Saturday and very quickly decided that person was talking out of their ass. Enjoy Gareth.

  2. My previous bike was an 08 FZ1, It was a great bike with plenty of power up top. I like the Tracer as it’s nice and torquey all over the rev range. The screen will be the next thing I change as the standard one both up/down is useless and noisy.

  3. I agree Nathan – they are very different bikes considering they look similar in some respects – interesting that at very low speed the tracer is nicely subdued – good for filtering. But once in the right rev band (6K) it really goes for it – just where you need it most – I haven’t really dipped into the top end but that’s not what this bike is about. I like both bikes but tracer definitely makes you feel more in command. I’ve just ordered a sport screen, I’ll let you know if it makes the difference I hope for.

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