What is everyone using for motorcycle cleaning supplies?


What is everyone using for cleaning supplies?

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  1. Soap an water an bleach white gor the tires

  2. The harley stuff works great and it cost you about the same

  3. Is regular wax and soap ok for the Fiberglass?

  4. Wizards on everything !!!!!

  5. Street bike wash!!
    From liquid performance

  6. Wizards and Meguires NXT 2.0

  7. Some people swear by a product called Stripper Juice. I use dawn dish soap. If it’s good enough for oil spill clean up it’s good enough for me.

  8. I use bike wash. For wax I use Meguires with carnauba wax.

  9. Dish liquid, then blow-dry with my leaf blower. Mother’s wax

  10. Mothers instant detailer spray wax (for a quick touch up) McGuire’s soap and window cleaner on chrome

  11. I like Pledge on my wood furniture, but once a year beak out the Liquid Gold.

  12. S100. Meguires wax

  13. Bug slide, used on the whole bike great cleaner

  14. S100 works the best for me and it’s not expensive.
    Buy s100 foam wet the bike spray the foam on and watch it pull the dirt out use your leaf plower to dry and remainder use a towel. S100 Eng dressing when done on a cold Eng S100 mist you can use to spot moisture from rusting the bike but I’ve never used it

  15. Hot water,soap and only For Black Turtle Wax

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