Engine Protector 09 Tracer 2016


I have just bought 2009 Yamaha Tracer 900 from one of my friend. What Engine Protectors to you recommend to install on the 09 Tracer 2016? Thank you all.

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  1. I have these for sale

  2. GB racing engine covers or you can choose Givi engine bars like mines

  3. GB Racing, simply the best.

  4. R&G cotton reels, bar ends, fork protectors, crash mushrooms. GB Racing engine case kit.

  5. Hepco&Becker (those of Zak Smith)

  6. Probably the only tracer owner on this group with no protection yet.

  7. Sw motech, haven’t got a good close up pic. http://shop.sw-motech.com/en/4052572025994.htm

  8. I really like my GIVI crash bars. Have fitted fold out highway pegs to them which allows me to stretch my legs on longer trips. https://fortnine.ca/en/givi-engine-guards-yamaha-fj09-2015-tn2122

  9. or go for the Kappa version to save a few $

  10. Givi engine bars meant that my tracer survived flipping

  11. That’s a very good question.

  12. Evotech mushrooms

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