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Hello everybody, I have one more question today ­čÖé What’s everyone using for a cell phone mount for the bike?? Thanks, Ride safe.

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  1. Ram mount x-grip, i’ve had one on the triumph that threaded to the clutch cylinder, then on my shadow i got the one that just clamps on the bar, its great, atv dirt bike motorcycle, It aint coming off. I only have an iphone se, my wife has a 7 and it wont fit, you need to make sure you get the larger size if you have a big screen tv phone.

  2. I’ve got the loop side of hook and loop tape on the back of my phone and the hook side on the tank.

  3. Ive got a riders claw…not a cheap one by any means but definitely no way possible its coming off

  4. Turn it off. Pack it away. Unless yur gonna ride wearing shorts, sandles, a calculator watch and a minnie mouse shirt.\n\nOlde Skool

  5. dont trust one enuff to use it i keep mine in my jacket or back pocket

  6. I used a hammer and a nail. But I think something is wrong with my USB plug bc my phone stopped working.

  7. Toss it in the bags or your pocket. No need for a cell on a bike

  8. There’s riders and there’s bikers….. Diversely united.

  9. Pocket works for me

  10. honestly its pretty dangerous. I have used the ram mount, but it’s distracting and annoying. I wouldn’t do it if you don’t need to.

  11. Cheap Amazon six arm clamp mount

  12. Ram mount. Only use it when I need GPS.

  13. Stays in saddle bags don’t need a distraction

  14. Cell phone in pocket, Apple Watch on wrist.

  15. Pocket or in the saddle bag.

  16. This!!! Cheap as hell and I was nervous about the buy but it lasted better than my Ram and if it’s stolen it’s cheap to replace, even has USB connection. No vibes at all

  17. I never seen my phone as a distraction any more than it is when I’m in my car. It’s strictly GPS and if I have plugs it’s great for my music, I’m not shuffling through bc I have a dedicated playlist. Most of the time I already know my way around but when I’m lost (because that happens more often on my bike lol) it’s great to get me back on track. Better than pulling out a map. Especially easy now that everything is accessible through voice commands.

  18. Rokform mKes a great one with articulating bar mount and the phone locks into it its what i have rokform.com

  19. I got this for free with an order, I only use it if I get lost and need the GPS, but the few times I’ve used it it’s been fine https://www.bikebandit.com/riding-gear-and-accessories/communication-cameras/communication-bluetooth-systems/bikebandit-techgripper-mount-kit/p/51604

  20. Pocket. If I need to check messages or GPS I do it when taking a break or fueling up

  21. my jacket pocket zipped up, I don’t text or talk and ride.

  22. Nothing! You should have your cell phone in your pocket when riding your bike. Safety people!

  23. Pocket is the best way

  24. My back pockets or my purse. Try not to put in my bra though.

  25. My cell stays hidden as well. No need for added distractions.

  26. The ram mount is one of the highest rate mounts. I mean it works on my harley and that thing vibrated to no end. No rubber engine mounts

  27. Ram x mount.

  28. Saddlebag. Bluetooth to helmet for GPS directions if I need it. Otherwise it’s too dangerous to bother with while riding. Or driving a car for that matter.

  29. Everyone protests about car drivers paying atention to their cellphones… What does one do?

  30. All the hate for the phone mount. Calm down folks he didn’t say he was gonna text and drive or try watching a movie. GPS, simply auxing music to the system is a safe use just be more aware of your surroundings and be responsible

  31. It was due to a dick with a cellphone, that I lost my first bike in an accident, last August.\nDon’t be a car driver with a motorcycle! ????

  32. I got one on Amazon for $12 bucks. Has rubber straps that hold down corners and side clutch to keep it steady. Got the same one on my mountain bike, this sucker will hold tight even in an accident. Ran a usb charger the cycle to the battery. LOVE GPS WHEN RIDING!! sometimes you want to explore, other times you need to go places fast. Works like a charm. Bought a braven bluetooth speaker for tunes and audible directions couldnt be happier.

  33. hi .ive fitted my phone holder.my laptop.hair dryer.ect ect to my shadow .need bit of help how do you fit ashtray

  34. A spare pocket in my jacket

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