Best heated grips for Suzuki V-Strom DL650


Hello guys, I have Suzuki V-Strom DL650 Which one is the best heated grips for the wee? I need suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Just installed a set of oxfords \nCan’t complain

  2. Installation was easy?

  3. I have oxfords also, instillation wasn’t to bad , but I’m very mechanically inclined so my opinion doesn’t count

  4. Oxfords same here

  5. Just installed Oxfords, touring size. Very happy with them.

  6. Great, thanks for the input!

  7. Lots of installation tips and advice on the Stromtrooper forum

  8. Thumpertalk?

  9. A pair of testicles.

  10. Try heated gloves. Work better and cheaper. Heated grips take lots of power and only warm the underside of the hand. I have both and use the heated grips one or two times a year at most.

  11. I have Oxford gribs but suggest heated gloves, really cold days outside of my hands still cold, unless you use hippo gloves with heated gribs, I don’t suggest

  12. I use oxford grips on my Wee and love them. I live in a very cold environment (Edmonton AB, Canada) which gets snow regularly after Sept. This extends my riding season at least a month in spring/fall.

  13. Oxford hands down for grips, other wise heated gloves.

  14. I’m really happy with these

  15. Another option without the bulky controller.

  16. I’ve had heaters you put under your own grips and Oxford Heaterz. I love the Heaterz and have been using them for years now, same pair. As for the ones you put under your own grips, I’ve had two different kinds and the one thing to watch out for is they should NOT match. If they do, the throttle will always be hotter than the clutch side. They should be mismatched with the clutch, ie, the metal mounting side, being slightly hotter. You can tell by how they look, they should not look symmetrical. Also if you wire up your own simple ones, run them to a relay based on your license plate light or something. That way you don’t forget them and kill your battery. Good luck.

  17. Oxford is fine, but when you install the same kind of heated grips as they use on snowmobiles (very durable thin pads with a grid of heat wires) you can use the original grips that come with your vee ????\nChanging to heated grips often means larger grips then the originals.\nThis is very functional, and you only need summer gloves ????

  18. Oxford are hands down the best. I couldn’t help the pun .

  19. Rode the 30 miles to work @ 32 degrees. Freeze warning light on the whole way. Started wearing a leather vest under my Gerbing heated jacket (wear my armored jacket over that). The vest distributed the heat better. The leather is a huge improvement and highly recommend. Heated gloves on 2/3rds power and was warm and toasty. Heated grips would not have been able to keep up. Only parts that got cold were my toes but I reserve the heated socks for longer trips. They run on batteries.

  20. I’ve used the ones from Cycle Gear on two bikes now. They work very well! Trackside ones.

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