Electra Glide Air Ride Experience


Thinking of mounting a Air Ride, anyone having experience with these sets are they okay

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  1. I am putting the same thing on my trike in spring

  2. does the pump make alot of noise??, if lowered how long does it take to fill up and be ready to ride??

  3. I have the dirty air brand , works great , fills my bags up in about 40 seconds , depends on what pressure I am set at , you defiantly want to get a setup that comes with a gauge or you won’t always know where you are running

  4. I bought mine from Dirty Air. Has been great so far.

  5. I got a pair “Xotic Customs taildraggers” on my bike, take 20 seconds to fill from empty. I believe they are between $400 to $600. Can ride rigid if wanted and adjust pressure on the fly.

  6. I put this kit together myself as I didn’t know kits were available. Shockies are Monroe MA785 from Amazon along with bottom bush conversion kit. Viair compressor in the tour pack. Dump valve under the seat. I also put Viair pressure gauge in dash in place of temp gauge. Price about the same as kit. I also lowered bike half inch as shocks are 1″ longer than standard and at full height affected handling slightly. This is a prefence thing. You get 4.75″ of travel as against 3″ standard which changes everything on rough roads. Done about 20000km so far and they are brilliant. Just adjust your ride while you are going along and so easy to adjust with a handlebar toggle switch. When going from solo to a passenger and load. 150kg difference for me. They will also support a far greater load then standard.I put a schraeder valve in the same position as the original in case of compressor failure and I also have an air line that screws onto this so I can pump up tyres etc. I have short legs so when I stop and move the bike around with my feet, or my lady mounts or dismounts, I just dump all the air out for stability.

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