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With my new Dark Horse, I’m considering changing the pipes – I need them to be louder. I have Vance & Hines on my Vulcan. I like them because they’re loud when I accelerate, but settle down when I’m cruising. Any suggestions for the Dark Horse?

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  1. That’s what I’m leaning towards, but only because they’re a known quantity to me. I’m open to other suggestions.

  2. I hear Lloydz slip ons are supposed to be good. You could also punch the plug out of your factory mufflers.

  3. Check with chopdeville

  4. Ive just put freedom Liberty slip ons on my dark horse – sound great and mine have black end caps so match in as well .

  5. Dirty Birds would look awesome

  6. George Hartzell how hard is it to punch the plug out??

  7. Hi Dawn i am owner on a Chief classic. I looked many model and i choose Rush. The sound is really loud and the look is great

  8. I haven’t done mine yet since I haven’t gotten it back from the first service. From what I understand, take muffler off, place head pipe end on 2 blocks, and tap the plug out with a piece of pipe. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

  9. Also look at jekill and hide exhaust

  10. So George, what your saying i could do that myself on my Classic! Thanks for the feed back, much Appreciated! !

  11. those bikes look kick a$$ with black pipes

  12. Yes Debbie Gangwer, it is something that I think even a novice could handle.

  13. Freedom true duels are very cool and sound nice too.

  14. Rush Warhorse, 3″ baffles, heaps of tip choice (black, chrome, contrast cut), & will take Indian tips with a slight mod.

  15. I had Rush slip ons installed on my DH at the dealership. They sound great!

  16. Black R Chrome on DH?

  17. Black! I’ll post some pics soon! She’s at the shop because my mini apes were on back order.

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