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Hey everyone. I had a 2001 800 Drifter and battery went bad. Replaced it, but it was only a year old. My current 2002 1500 Drifter battery went bad. Replaced it 2 months ago. I put it on a batterytender. Battery needs jump start again after only a few days off the charger. Rode it a few days ago. Obviously I need to check alternator output.

Question: Is this a common issue with Drifters?

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  1. Fun fact about the Vulcan Drifter 1500. They came with 85ft lbs of torque out the gate at 2500 rpm. But, in order to accomplish this, the Drifter went from a Dual Stator set up like most Vulcans of the time, down to a single stator set up, which was copied by the mean streak later. So, with a much smaller amp output on your bike, than most vulcans of the time, you need to be careful to stay on top of a failing stator, and or a short that's draining the battery, and last but not least, over taxing your charging system.

  2. Common with weak stators.

  3. AGM batteries require tender/charger designed for them.

  4. is it a gel battery? If yes, then it need a special tender.

  5. Is the battery tender faulty, test with a multi meter on bike battery when bikes running ,it will tell you if it's charging looking at least 13.5 volts. Youtube videos are very helful with testing 12volt systems.ud83dude09

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