Is this normal? (Beta X Trainer)


As you may know, this is my first 2-stroke, so my question is; is this normal?

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  1. Problem solved for me

  2. Basically its only about correct jetting and revving the engine.
    We own 2 XT, one ine and the other of my wife. Same jetting (by the #table) same oil. She will never really hige rev her bike, mine will visit top RPM from time to time. Her have this problem mine doesn't.

  3. Sorry for my English. I find it absurd that you consider normal to put two plastic strips to prevent something that should be provided by the manufacturer

  4. Yes pretty normal. Put the zip tie on it

  5. J'ai mis une durite d'eau d'une vieille voiture et plus de problu00e8mes j'avais fait pareil sur ma ktm et en plus c'est plus solide

  6. Metti bene il gommino e due fascette di plastica

  7. I put a smear of silicone sealant inside the coupler, no more problems. Getting the carburation right will make the bike smoother.

  8. Yes, normal when new. Use zip ties to seal it. Wait until it's fully run in before looking at rejetting. Under normal use the oil injection is very efficient.

  9. Cool, thanks, everyone. I'm about done with the premix tank. I just dropped the needle one notch, too. It's starting to run better now.

  10. The root cause is the jetting being too rich. Zip tie will keep the spooge contained but you still need to jet it right. It'll run better and get you more miles per tank.

  11. Mine did more at first.
    That first tank with extra oil in fuel tank.
    Did tiewrap coupling.
    Hardly anything now.

  12. Zip tie and gas it. It happened when you ride is low rpm for too long

  13. Cool, thanks guys!

  14. Nope, not normal. As far as I understand, some Xtrainers got assembled with 300 RR couplers, and some 300 RR's with Xtrainer couplers. You must have one with the wrong silicone hose/coupler. Zip ties will work on both ends of the hose, but ideally you could request the correct coupler from the dealer.

  15. put a couple of tie wraps around the pipe muffler junction rubber piece.

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