Downgrade Yamaha Tracer 900 Suspension


Hi guys, does anyone downgraded Yamaha Tracer suspension. How many milimeters? Thanks

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  1. I weight in at 100 kg and I tuned it to the fifth line. Four lines visible and the fifth parallell with the nut. Perfect for me with my kind of riding. Good luck

  2. 5mm for dropping forks through. 10mm turned in a little too sharp on corners

  3. 5 mm , when did new cartidges

  4. 90kg 2 lines visible ????

  5. Std suspension – no lines visible – enough sag – max trail – no wobble. Tune trail for light steering vs stability. I do highways a lot so I opt for stability

  6. 15mm front and same on rear

  7. Lowered fork about 8mm

  8. I’m 195 lbs or 88 kg and went down to 1 line but if you ride hard you need 10w heavier oil, that made amazing difference in the ride

  9. Not that many.

  10. 2 lines showing on my mt09

  11. Allungando la sospensione … aumenta l’interasse e aumenta la stabilità in velocità

  12. my friend, you need to measure SAG @ your bike…..

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