When it’s put into first gear goes in with a bit of a clunk?


Hi all, just wondering if anyone else’s bike when it’s put into first gear goes in with a bit of a clunk? I have a 2017 Tracer and the bike does jerk when put into 1st. Cheers

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  1. Yep, totally normal on many many bikes.

  2. Yep mines same

  3. Yep and mine

  4. Yeah. Loads of bikes do it. \n\nTry an early watercooled bmw boxer…

  5. Mines a 15 plate done it from new

  6. Seems to be normal then, pheww. Thought a clutch adjustment might sort it but it doesn’t sound like it.

  7. 2017 quess what clunk it’s normal bud

  8. The clutch is imersed in oil, so the oil between the plates tries to couple them together. That’s why the clunking reduces when the oil viscosity drops as it warms up. Normal 🙂

  9. My Honda does it. My KTM does it. My Yamaha does it. Can’t think of a bike that doesn’t chunk into first from neutral.

  10. Try holding the clutch in for about 5 seconds before gently depressing the great lever, this should reduce the clunk.

  11. Kerrrrrlunk! Each and every time 🙂

  12. Yeah mines the same mate

  13. That’s tipical for Yamaha. My Fzs1000 and FZ1 Fazer made the same sound whem putting it in first gear. No problem.

  14. Start the bike in gear with the clutch pulled in.

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