Domane SL 8 disc vs Domane SLR 6 Gravel?


Domane sl 8 disc Vs domane slr 6 gravel? I’m not sure what’s the better advantage between these two bikes. The SL8 comes with Aeolus pro 3 wheels, 700x32c, 500 OCLV and Dura-ace components while the SLR 6 gravel has adjustable rear isospeed, 600 OCLV, additional tire clearance for on-and-off road versatility, 700x35c tubeless, ultegra

Edit: SL8 is 16.98 lbs and SLR 6 Gravel is 17.61 lbs

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  1. Welcome to the Trek family

  2. I vote gravel

  3. Hey Pete, I work for a Trek Bicycle direct store, and I'd be happy to answer your questions. First assess your needs, are you racing or do you intend to race? Is this a more enthusiast purchase? Here's a few notes:

    SL 8 – Dura Ace is great, and expensive to replace parts over time. It's a bit lighter than the Ultegra groupset. The other big perk here are the Carbon wheels, these version costing $1200.

    The SLR frame is a lighter/stiffer carbon, and the slider really does let you fine tune the feel. The Ultegra R8000 groupset is phenomenal, it's on my Emonda SL 6. The Gravel version is essentially just a different tire from the main line model. You can always upgrade wheels later.

    In your shoes, I would go Domane SLR 6, then once affordable get the Aeolus 3 or 5's instead of the Pros, because the hubs are wildly nicer, and the carbon rims also nicer.

  4. The Aeolus Pro 3 wheels are some of the lighter wheels available from what I understand. At any rate, Bontrager doesn't cut corners on their wheels. I'd go with the SL8

  5. Does the adjustable isospeed make about the same difference on the non adjustable?

  6. I vote roadie SL 8 great wheels, comfort and light

  7. Go gravel. I love mine

  8. Depends on what riding you will do. Personally, i if go with the gravel since I do more trail riding than road riding. The ISOSpeed decouplers are a nice touch and feel great; I also like tubeless.

    There real question is which one do you like riding? You should try and ride them both on road AND trail.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts after you compare them in action.

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