Looking to replace my Shimano 105 group set.


Looking to replace my Shimano 105 group set.
Any ideas for upgrade?

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  1. I've been riding 105 since it was seven speed with down tube shifters, anything else is a waste of good money in my opinion

  2. Ultegra best bang for the buck

  3. Dura Ace. Go big or go home !

  4. Dura Ace or Ultegra. Im not sure which is better

  5. Ultegra, I never looked back from the two bikes I put it on.

  6. 105. put the other money into wheels or nice shoes

  7. Campagnolo Super Record 11! Yes why not!?

  8. I'm a Campy guy…from RECORD to even lower end like Potenza. But…in your case stick with 105. Lose the tire and wheel weight. Not worth the upgrade…

  9. How much do you want to spend is a valid question

  10. A new bike with the current 105 model would be a huge improvement over an older bike and would likely be cheaper than upgrading an existing bike

  11. I usually get 105 or Ultegra off of Ebay

  12. one of my bikes (bought new) has 105, the other has Sram Force, diff levels, but i LOVE the sram mechanisms

  13. 105 is more reliable. Heavier than ultegra and dura ace but made of sturdier material.
    Dura ace if you race and every ounce counts and if you got the money to fix it when it breaks.

  14. Why would anyone want to change from 105s ??!

  15. The new Ultegra R8000. A lot of the aspects of the Dura Ace were cascaded down to it.

  16. Why? Then I can comment and first I'd like to see a picture of your bike. How old is it?

    What are you trying to accomplish? Where do you ride. What is the terrain like? . Do you do long rides? Do you race?

  17. Yeh , go with sram ,

  18. R8000 ultergra or 9100 dura ace. Di or not your choice

  19. There is nothing wrong with 105. I ride Ultegra, SRAM Red, Campagnolo , XO1 and XX1. Ultegra is better than dura ace given the costs. If you really want to change groups either go sram red or Campagnolo. Campy is something else. “Campagnolo doesn't wear out, it wears in”. However I would keep the 105 and buy carbon fiber wheels.

  20. One word "SRAM"

  21. Why bother. Utegra works just the same, only costs four times as much. Waste of money. That said, road cycling is dangerous and mountain bikers are badasses!

  22. Got Dura Ace on mine, but only as it was already on the bike. Ultegra is great, I'd go with that. Best value.

  23. Not enough information.

  24. 105 is almost all of the performance at a fraction of the cost of Ultegra or SRAM Force. If about 10 ounces of component weight makes a difference with your frame/wheel combination, upgrading to a mid-level group may be worth it. Of course, then you'll be paying more for parts that wear out on the drivetrain, and may have slightly less durability. Good luck on the upgrade!

  25. I agree with Kevin. As time goes by all of the groups are upgraded. I replaced some old 105's with newer ones and they were improved. I also have both 105 and Dura Ace, they are both good.

  26. There's a lot of choices here, but also some questions that have to be answered. Are you doing the work yourself? If so, do you have the tools? The knowledge? Would the money you are about to spend serve you better towards a new bike? Are you a hill climber, or just want to go faster on the flats? I've done this, and while some parts are fun, others were a colossal PITA! Do the research first! Good luck!

  27. I add my voice to the SRAM crew. I have Rival and Force on different bikes. Force is nicer but SRAM is best!

  28. If you have a 2 year old 105 it is not worth your money to change to Ultegra, the differences aren't that great – I've had both and they are very close in terms of performance. I have to question why you want to replace a 2 year old 105 set. If you are going to get into racing and are counting ounces then you could try Dura-Ace, but just going from 105 to Ultegra strikes me as a waste of money unless the 105 is worn out.

  29. go for ultegra, theyre within a couple hundred bucks of each other now.

  30. Why the hell would you do that? People replace stuff to upgrade to 105

  31. eTap,. So worth it, you can use your old cranks cassette brakes, it's all cross compatible. Or go all in. Red carbon cranks, red brakes and eTap

  32. SRAM Red e-tap

  33. I'm not to keen on Sham. I don't know why. Campy has been around a long while as has shimano. My 105 is about 15 years Old and does fine. I have Ace on my other bike but I understand that it's just lighter then ultega and they perform just as well. Not to sure about Di but I've heard lot of good things about campy. I'm leaning on going campy on my next bike.! You should try to check them out before you settle.

  34. Ultegra or dura ace

  35. Shimano 600

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