Does lowering your bike make a big difference?


So I need some feed back does lowering your bike make a big difference on the ride??? I’m coming from a R6 to a R1 With a extension I just like to ride I like hitting those corners but don’t have many out here where I live… TIA

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  1. I got a 09 lower maybe an inch or 2 (was like thT when bought) and then a 2011 not lowered it doesn’t really seem to diffrent unless stopped or on kickstand but it’s not lowered by much so I cant say to much.

  2. Mines lowered too and i have this same question. Great post Michael Henderson

  3. My 09 was lowered when I got it and it had terrible handling. I have an adjustable link and while I moved it back to stock height i think I’m going to raise it up another 15-20mm instead of dropping the forks to quicken the steering more. It’s has much slower turn in than my zx10.

  4. Dont lower and dont extend. You have completely ruined the handling

    Its not a gsxr. Its a r1.

  5. I lowered my 2014 when I first got it because I have short legs and wanted to be more comfortable at stoplights… I had just gotten the bike so most of my ‘getting used to it’ was done while it was lowered… it took bringing it back to stock to realize it handled like garbage when lowered

  6. Lowered and stretchedud83eudd14 not my cup a tea. Its good for drag racing only really but i got a bud that has one low and long and he keeps up sometimes but is always the sweeper in the twisties and cant hit the speeds we hit on the highway at all

  7. lowerd and streched is the worst thing you can do for handling & cornering. if you must lower do it where your feet hit the ground comfy . i would remove the strech . my opinion

  8. I dunno, the boffins at Yamaha spend huge amounts of time and money working out the best geometry for the bike then your mate Dave down the pub puts a lowering kit on it because he knows more about the subject than aforementioned Yamaha boffins. I know what I’d go for

  9. What if someone lowers it half n inch? Lol i swear I need about half an inch more so I’m not tip toeing but the handling is amazing so I don’t wanna fuck that up

  10. Dont do it, you’ll destroy the handling and the only place you can or should get it lowered is professionally by a suspension shop. Not those crappy linkage bars…

  11. Lowered and stretched is not a good combination for going around turns but if you are not running the bike at the track it’s not such a big deal. Just remember to lower the front and back the same otherwise you will drastically change the handling. By lowering only the back the bike will be more stable at high speeds but you will have to work a lot harder to get around turns. By only lowering the front the bike will turn easier but watch out for high speed wobbles. Don’t forget to raise the pegs to get some clearance back. Racers play with these setting to get the best results depending on rider and track.

  12. I’m not lowering I might keep the stretch a arm to keep me from popping it up but thanks everyone for your input helped out with the decision… so next ??? The guy I bought it from lowered the front end can somebody send me a pic of the stock front end to put mine back to stock

  13. I lower the rear of every R1 I’ve had ( 6 to date) approximately 1". I honestly don’t think it’s affected the handling at all. I ride many stock height bikes as part of what I do and there’s no noticeable difference.

    If you’re on the track I know there’s a difference, but street riding I’m going to say you’ll be fine.

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