Max distance on Fuel Reserve?


Your max distance on Fuel Reserve? (Include Year of Bike)

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  1. I haven’t pushed mine over 12 miles 2011 and 2009. but good post I’ve been wondering what the actual mileage was

  2. 18.5 on 2004 then it ran out

  3. 14 miles after light on I ran out had to call reinforcements 2007

  4. I had an R6r n ran 30km with only 1 liter, i had to say it was running down ud83dude01ud83dude01

  5. There’s a fuel reserve

  6. Too many variables for this.. Weight of rider, altitude, heavy throttle or not, highway, stoplight to stoplight or country..
    But it’s usually 20-25 miles 02 R1 and 09 R1.

  7. 2007…light on..15miles at about 80mph..made it to the station so don’t know how much longer I had

  8. 16r1m went like almost 30 miles. Couldn’t have kept going.

  9. 05 r1 I get about 25 miles after my gas light comes on before I’m totally out

  10. 1998 R1 coming home from Moto GP Phillip Island. 155mile/250km b4 light come on, reserve 37miles/60km

  11. 2008 26km still didn’t run out

  12. 20 miles. well 19. I pushed the last one. R1 2016

  13. 36 miles on a 2002 r1.

  14. 00 R1 no reserve. Made it 48 miles with the fuel light on. Didn’t run out.

  15. I got to 18mi on my 17. Ran out right when I got to the gas station

  16. 5 miles because I’m to much of a pussy to push my bike

  17. 03 28 miles on the dot. Had to run it out to ship it.

  18. 05 did 14 hard and 33 steady

  19. 02. 21 hard 28easy

  20. 06 18miles but unless you run out, who knows

  21. 39km 2014 R1

  22. 68 km, R1 2007, downhill the throttle was as closed as I could, otherwise 1800-2400rpm…like a diesel engine

  23. Vilhem Johnson what was it again before we had to free wheel to the pumps?

  24. Im to scared to run out lol
    But have done about 28 on light and was terrified id run out 2007

  25. u00b1120KM ’09 YZFR1 till reserve light went on

  26. Ha ha sore subject, least miles 8, 2018 R1 ffs!

  27. I never did more than 4 miles , 2016 R1

  28. Squeezed 235 out of my 06 R1 on a long trip from Sydney to Adelaide. It coughed, I rolled over hill and like a mirage saw a petrol station. I was sweating balls for about 20 kms. ud83dude33

  29. 11 R1 – less than 1 lap at Thompson motor speedwayud83dude14

  30. 14miles 02 with the light on going very fast to next exit

  31. 16 r1 19miles but it was down hill and I coasted halfway

  32. No fucking clue. No fuel gauge and my low light doesn’t work. 4xv

  33. 2010, 30 miles on the dot and died.

  34. 2002 r1, 23 miles till I was waiting on my wife and gas

  35. 2011 R1. 17miles ran out.

  36. 05 R1 …20 miles and it stopped

  37. 14 miles on my 07 with a progressively conservative driving style till it ran out I coasted into the petrol station

  38. 2003 r1 I made it 32 miles after the light came on

  39. 2016 11miles walked the remaining 3 lol

  40. Never run electric fuel pump dry….. fuel cools it, taking live away from pump

  41. 16 R1 had 3 10ths of a gallon left when the light came on!

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