Best oil for R1?


Hi guys, question what oils do you think are best for my 2013 R1 cheers 🍻

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Answers ( No )

  1. You have no idea the shit storm you have started

  2. Or rotella ud83eudd13

  3. Yamalube or Amsoil

  4. Fresh is best. As long as it’s JASO-MA you’re fine.

  5. Olive oil is good but most will use motul 300v or amsoil !!

  6. I was thinking Penrite … ??

  7. Synthetic rapeseed oil

  8. Only my pure aryan semen is sufficient enough.

  9. I think most prefer motor oil, with out friction modifiers.
    I know some like crisco or wd40, but I don’t trust those in my vehicles

  10. Motul 7100 10W60 is what I use

  11. 1:1 YAMALUBE / Unicorn tears

  12. Marvin’s Mystery

  13. Extra virgin olive works great I hear

  14. Hahaha yeah I think about 30 other people on this thread uses it Hahahah

  15. Whatever matches manufacturer specs.

  16. Amsoil off the website delivered right to your door.

  17. Extra virgin coconut oil.

  18. Yamalube don’t fix what isn’t broken

  19. Oil of olay ..

  20. This is literaly a question 2 ro 3 times a week, jerk off in bucket till you have enough to fill it up.

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