Do you stand or maybe a combo or do you stay seated?


Looking for advice. I have not tried climbing a real hill yet on my new road bike. On my old mtn bike I would never stand when climbing a hill as all that energy would be sapped due to no lockout on my front shock.

Now that I have a road bike it’s a possibility. My question is do you stand or maybe a combo or do you stay seated.

If you stand how do you pick the gear. I know it needs to be a harder gear but how much harder?

I am thinking of trying a climb when we are at our cabin this weekend. It climbs from 8000′ to 10000′ in 6 miles. Should be an epic first climb.

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  1. Before you get out of the saddle, shift to a harder gear.

  2. I like to start standing when I think I can make it to the top that way.

  3. How much harder of a gear compared to the one I am spinning in?

  4. Probably two. Shift while standing if you need to.

  5. Staying seated at a comfortable cadence is the most efficient. Easier said than done. I used to stand a lot, but trained myself not to as much as possible – it's the way ahead and your times will thank you for it.

  6. You are asking good questions. You will get answers as you tackle hills and learn what works for you best. Out of the saddle, be sure to keep upright and move side to side as you pedal. In the saddle think cadence. Better to use an easier gear at a higher cadence. Practice both approaches. You'll find what works best for you in every situation.

  7. Seat mostly but it all depends on how steep the hill is. Sometimes both.

  8. Practice practice practice what works for other might not be good for you find your own way you will be a happier rider .

  9. The answer will present itself when you start pedaling

  10. My cassette right now is 11×25. So not best climbing gears but it does have a triple. I don't know the size of the front chainrings

  11. If you're standing and mashing, make sure to ease up on the pedals during shifting.

  12. Switch it up between sitting and standing… Both actions use slightly different muscles, so you get a mini break. I prefer to start seated, then stand when I feel I am done.

  13. Know how to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, my friend, practice!

    Try it all. You will eventually find what works for you, and when, what does not. work for you, and when. Life is fluid and so is riding technique, it will vary moment by moment, situation to situation.

  14. When I stand, I like my cadence to be about 40-50 RPM. But standing is more stressful. I found I had to practice on shallow hills before I could climb a REAL hill…like this one:

  15. The way I was taught… even when you stand on your road bike, your upper body should not move very differently from when you're seated. Most of the difference in motion should take place below with your arms and legs working together to have your bicycle rock side to side while keeping you upper body stable. If there's a lot of upper body motion, you're wasting energy. (and your video of the climb won't look as good)

  16. drop weight from yourself first if you have any to lose. Started at almost 230lbds and like 10mph pushing as hard as i could, down to 170 and i'm cruising at 16mph

  17. James K. Lee yeah down 30lbs already. But plenty more to go.

  18. I don't stand. Period. I'll use the gears, but I find that in my situation, standing to pedal saps my energy faster than a high cadence with a slow speed.

  19. I stand if I'm climbing and don't want to fall over. Lol.

  20. It really depends on your build, your ability and your strategy. There is no one right way to climb. I found some interesting videos by GCN discussing that… also the surface you are climbing and weather conditions also impact those choices. I prefer to sit as much as possible in the gear that fits best, but I am shorter and nsometimes need to stand to get best leverage at certain times….

  21. Ride a single speed. Then you'll stand up on the climb.

  22. Stand on steep hills. Sit on long more shallow hills.

  23. Seated only. Too much stress on my knees, and too much stress on the drive system of the bicycle.

  24. Here's a steep hill I ride. I tried standing to climb but ran out of momentum. My local bike shot suggested staying seated but moving forward in the saddle…it worked

  25. Put on the lowest gear and try small hill. No need to stand for most hills

  26. I. Stay. In. The. Saddle.

  27. That is a long climb. Find a gear that you can spin and stay seated and as comfortable as possible

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