CF Moto CF500 Recall


Hello CF riders, got my recall notice today for my 500HO.

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  1. What was it for? I have a 400, I wonder if I'll be getting a recall notice for that too.

  2. to install a bracket on the cylinder head

  3. Does it hold anything important?

  4. Ill upload a picture of the letter in a few mins with the explanation

  5. i messaged you the letter since i cant seem to attach it here

  6. Under extreme off road use there is a slight possibility that the engine could flex enough for the frame to contact the fuel injector. It's just precautionary. We replace the mount with a slightly different one. It's nice that CFMoto is proactive!

  7. I'm a dealer. This recall is not a stop driving recall. Like Steve said. The cylinder bracket may move under extreme usage. Everyone can continue to use the machines as needed. Me as a dealer have called all my customers to let them know. Of course the parts were on a slight back order. If you have questions about it contact your dealer. The recall is over the 400 ,500s, and 500 ho. Hope this helps a little.

  8. Recall for what?

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