Carbon bikes on an indoor trainer?


Looking for you opinions. Carbon bikes on an indoor trainer? I’ve heard hell no and heard yeah.

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Answers ( No )

  1. I wouldn't do it to my carbon bike. I keep my old school aluminum for the trainer

  2. I bought an indoor spin bike. That way I can hammer out on it, and I don't have to worry about feeling off balance.

  3. Be careful. It may void the frame warranty and crack the frame. OK to use a carbon bike on rollers, of course—but be careful about stationary trainers where frame is clamped in place.

  4. I do it every season on my 3k tarmac, and guess what….. It's fine, and I push out loads of power too!

  5. It's fine, most companies are either silent about doing it or say the consider it within normal usage for the bikes. Canyon is the only one that says they wouldn't warranty a bike if it cracked on it but last years Zwift Academy was finished on Canyon's on trainers.

  6. I have my old steel bike in my trainer, and I've watched the bottom bracket flex, until it cracked and finally completely broke. I had it rewelded and have it back in the trainer. But I won't put my carbon bike under that stress.

  7. My 4K Cervelo lives on my Kickr, outside riding is not an option here. My Carbon tri bike was on my Kickr for over 4K miles (according to Strava). No issues.

  8. It's not going to do any harm, it's just a bit unnecessary…

  9. You lost me at indoor… lol

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