Do you ever carry a tire repair kit and/or pump?


Do you ever carry a tire repair kit and/or pump? If so, do you have a recommendation — either to buy, or to avoid?
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  1. Can of fix a flat and a pump that connects to the battery tender cable

  2. I got a slime tire kit..pump,fix a flat slime,plugs..been a life saver a couple times.

  3. Does slime work with tubes?

  4. If you need this you might have a problem…

  5. Plugs and compressor all my vehicles

  6. The mushroom plugs are the best in my book. Any small compressor works. If you have the battery tender jumper on your battery you could get a small compressor that hooks up to it. I bought a cheap harber freight compressor and it sucks.

  7. No,I have coverage on tires and wheels

  8. AAA for sure…

  9. I have a large Slime pump in my car. It works reliably — though slowly, on car tires. That makes me biased toward the little Slime pump. I’m trying to get the most compact setup I can. I’m interested in the CO2 cartridges. But a pump can do a lot more than a half dozen CO2 carts.

    Anyway, I don’t see anything emerging as being awful, or the best thing possible. Thanks for all the ideas and opinions!

  10. This what I use, works great.
    The carry case 7.5 x 7.5 x 2 inches.

    repair kit

  11. Yup, that’s probably my answer — plus a bottle of Slime. If space were no issue, I’d just carry a spare tube.

  12. Yup, and it comes with CO2 cylinders Luke a bb gun uses,to fill the tire

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