Has anyone removed the electric start from a 2014 exc200?


Has anyone removed the electric start from a 2014 exc200?

I want to remove the starter motor from the ignition casing but will be left with the port for the starter gear. I noticed the 125 and 150 kind have a blank for this area but not sure if the Ktm 125/150 ignition casing is the same as he 200 as it needs the fixing points for the magneto/stator.

Cheers guys

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  1. Did it on a 2016 ktm 200 saved 5.3kg. Easy fix with the hole where the starter goes,a coke plastic bottle cap fits in perfectly just used a bit of silicone around the cap to make it water tight

  2. Coke bottle lid fills the hole for the time being

  3. Try a Fanta top, it's the right colour

  4. Really? Do you have any photographs? I use the bike for enduro riding and go through some deep mud and rivers. Will that hold up?

  5. Did it for a client of mine sorry I dont have photo's. It's bullet proof no hickups with the bike as yet and also no water in the stator casing

  6. Do you know if there's an actual product out there that blanks blanks it off?

  7. Ktm 125 xc 2012 magneto cover casing you can use as well it's without the starter hole. Bottem end are exactly the same

  8. Can I ask why? My dad used to ride an XT350 back in the day, got caught in a rut and snapped his ankle. If he had been riding solo, he'd have been trapped out there because you're not kick starting it with a broken ankle. Just something to think about.

  9. Anyone have photos of the bottle cap please?

  10. My 250 SX has a cover over where the starter would go.

  11. For enduro/trail riding, I would want electric start. Its no fun kick-starting when you are stalled on a hill or awkward grade. For MX, sure… pull it off.

  12. Is it really worth removing it? What improvements will you get?

    Think the extras we put on makes a bigger difference weight wise thab removing a starter motor.

  13. Weight is weight. The battery and motor are roughly 6lb. Stuck on a bank I'd rather pick up less weight. The 2014 is way heavier than my old 2007

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