Is the rear fender meant to be plastic?


Hi there everyone. Is the rear fender on a 2010 883 meant to be plastic or metal like the front? Thanks all, I’m new to Harleys so likely to have quite a few questions so I apologize in advance if you get bored of hearing from me

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  1. Metal… American motorcycle companies are all allergic to plastic… Lol

  2. Thanks guys, I want to start taking a pillion but wasn’t sure where the weight of the pillion would sit. I need to replace the fender supports so I assume the fender bolts to those and then a pillion pad would just sit on the fender and that would be strong enough?

  3. There is my bike with a Harley Davidson 48 style pillion seat. Works great for shorter distances… But above 250km my wife starts to Complain…


  4. A composite.

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