Do all 2012 zx6rs have a slipper clutch?


Do all 2012 zx6rs have a slipper clutch? Mine doesn’t feel like it..

Kyle Fic 6 years 7 Answers 860 views 0

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  1. Downshift from 6 to 3 and let go of the clutch.

  2. Well my 08 has so i assume they didn’t downgrade yours!!! lol

  3. Yes they do. Go ride a ninja 650 without one and you will feel a huge difference.

  4. The zx6r slipper clutch is one of the best going in a road bike I use the standard one in my race bike and love it

  5. So how far back did Kawasaki implement a slipper clutch? I have an 09 that I’m turning into a race bike and thought I have to get one…….guess not…..damn gonna change everything about how I’ve been riding it

  6. Mine doesn’t feel like it either. I’ve had my back tire chirp before when downshifting

  7. Mine works fine… ’10 zx6r.

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