Disc Lock Suggestions For Indian Roadmaster


Was thinking about getting a Disc Lock for when traveling on my Roadmaster. Any suggestions? Was considering the Abus Detecto.

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  1. Think about a reminder streamer, ie ribbon on keys because sooner or later you will try to drive away without removing the lock and bust a disc….been there done that, ditched the lock after $300 repair

  2. Why you have an alarm, a steering lock and a fob. It’s to heavy to pick up so don’t think you’ll have issues with that.

  3. Rob do not do that. I did and lived to regret it. Had the lock for about 2 months when I was in a hurry forgot about it ended up costing me quite a bit of money and time. 2 days to get it fixed, and a new disk rotor. However Music City Indian did come to the rescue they were awesome.

  4. Yes, a couple of wheeled dollies and it gone. I got a Artago 30X motorcycle / Bike Alarm Disc Lock 12 mm / 120 dB Alarm / Water Resistant with Reminder cable. I got the bright yellow cable and string it between the handlebars with a \

  5. Get good insurance. If it’s stolen get a new one. You can lock the disk, set the alarm, chain it to the ground, and have a pit bull guard it. It’ll still be stolen if someone wants it bad enough.

  6. I have a disc lock with a tether cord, I loop it around my throttle …on the other hand, the lock will only make it easier for thieves to stick a pipe through the front wheel and pick up to load it up…I had friends who had 2 bikes stolen out of an enclosed trailer at Myrtle Beach by cutting the side of the trailer out with a saws-all…if they want it, they will get it

  7. …………..right up until you forget about it and crunch the fender .. .Happened to the previous owner of one of my bikes

  8. one of my friends with a roadmaster had one, parked outside the mall, 2pm, first spot by door… went in for lunch…locked, disk lock, alarm…came out, bike gone… truck parked, 4 guys went out, lifter bike into dolly, put in trailer… nascar speed. He saw the video, people walked by like nothing, they imagined was a reposession. He got new bike 8 days later, He had good insurance.

  9. Our fob has built in alarm,plus fork lock..and 935# Mmm to heavy to carry away

  10. U got insurance..I do. It pays to

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