Degulator/rectifier swap to a bigger one?


I have a 2001 R1 12k miles on it. Has anyone done a regulator/rectifier swap to a bigger one because mines keep blowing out and not charging the battery anymore? Thoughts?

Degulator/rectifier swap to a bigger one?

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  1. You got a short somewhere

  2. Had the same issue with my 99

  3. The wiring harness to the rectifier is burned up as well

  4. are you using an OEM for both rec & reg ? if your using e bay stuff , they don’t last more than a couple days

  5. Just did one on my 04 r1, not bad ,

  6. Quick stupid question. Is there a way fo verify if the problem is the regulator rectifier or the stator? Having the same issue on my 01 r1

  7. Make sure you change the stator and regulator at the same time …changing one without the other you are asking for problems

  8. 04-06 are known for the magnets in the flywheel rotor coming loose and getting ground up between it and the stator leaving your whole bottom end full of magnetic shavings that are almost impossible to get out ruining the whole engine unless you split the cases and do a complete rebuild

  9. Use OEM RR, stator and what is specified for your model, should solve the problem.

  10. Yes. I use a hayabusa rectifier on them. Ricks part #10-213. I hardwire them in. Works great. Check the wiring as well. If there’s a big drop in voltage from what the rectifier is putting out, compared to what’s getting to the battery, I run it directly to the battery.

  11. Get one from a newer bike, the design is much better and doesn’t make loads of heat when your battery is charged.
    Less heat, more power

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