Cooling fan issues on the 500 RRS


Has anyone here ever had cooling fan issues on their 500 RRS? I bought my bike brand new about a month ago, and on the third ride my cooling fan motor seized. As this happened, I smelled electrical burning and one of the main fuses popped, which killed my bike. Luckily, there were two spare fuses under the seat, so I was able to limp out. Since then, I have installed a new cooling fan, and it won’t engage at hotter temps. Any ideas?


Cooling fan issues on the 500 RRS

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  1. Any crashes on the side with the fan?

  2. You sure this isn’t a KTM? My KTM used to boil over all the time right off the showroom floor. I fixed it by selling it.

  3. Bummer bro that sucks man hope you get her fixed up

  4. First, clean the bike thoroughly, then carefully take off the gas cap, roll away the bike and replace with a 2018 Husky 500- sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  5. Replace your fan switch. I don’t believe these have a fan relay (my 300RR factory fan doesn’t) and when your fan motor locked up it most likely killed the temp switch. Easy enough to test the fan itself, just jumper the switch leads.

  6. Can you not install an override switch, turn it on when ever you want to?

  7. Sounds like the switch that is supposed to activate when hot may be bad.

  8. Italian electronics.

  9. You dont need it to ride, they used to be a hard part accessory on the katos now theyre standard people think they cant live without them

  10. I’ve put over 20,000 miles on My 2014, Beta 498RR race Edition with no cooling fan and no overheating issues!

  11. Sounds like the coolant sensor failed if it uses one.

  12. The guy is looking for help. Not dumbass comments

  13. the cure is buy a KTM.

  14. but seriously, check if the fan got debris in the fans. which could stop and short the fan wires and even fry the brain.
    also, it’s a good idea to rewire it with a switch on its own fuse circuit.
    flip it on when riding slow singletrack and turn it off when riding at a good clip.

  15. My radiator cap failed in a month, and the symptoms made me think I was running hotter than usual. Changed caps, up to 1.8, and it still boiled over. Asked my mechanic friend about the quality of caps and he said that his shop replaces 3 or 4 a month…some of them nearly brand new…and to stay away from Tusk caps. I tried another brand, and now it’s fine.

  16. Thanks everyone! Looks like it was a cross between the fan sensor and the radiator cap. Also, the shop told me that these fans tend to not kick on until about 210-215 degrees, which is much hotter than my previous KTMs. Hopefully it’s fixed, but I feel that I may need oversized radiators and an overflow tank for my style of tight, single-track riding.

  17. To be fair, four strokes are not a good choice for ultra-low speed and technical just because of cooling alone. The Beta two strokes are pretty well known as having the best cooling but I wouldn’t be surprised if the four strokes need so much more capacity that it wasn’t feasible. Coolant capacity and bottles and oversize fans all add weight and while they may be needed for trials-type riding, 99.9u0025 of their buyers don’t use them for that.

  18. If you buy it, whatever it is, and you don’t prep it and set it up for the terrain at hand, you only have yourself to blame for your troubles. The price and brand of the bike are irrellevant…..

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