Legal 2014-16 bikes with aftermarket handlebars


Question for you guys with street legal 2014-16 bikes with aftermarket handlebars. I picked up a set of ProTaper Contour bars in the Windham Mid bend and the controls do not really fit. Both the clutch and brake lever are pointing up and not really comfortable. What bars are y'all running?

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Legal 2014-16 bikes with aftermarket handlebars

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  1. Henry reed pro taper on husaberg fe501

  2. Here’s a crappy picture of my issue. The headlight/turn signal/horn switch is so large that the clutch lever adjuster hits the switch housing if I move it any closer than it is currently. I really like the rise of the Windham Mid bars but they lack the control space.

  3. The clutch lever has to clamp to the bend angling the lever upward.

  4. Trail tech bars have more room for controls.

  5. Contour bars have so little room for mounting controls before the bend and taper begin. Renthal have a decent amount, even if you cut some of the bar end off to shorten them up.

  6. I always buy mini bars. They have a sharper upswept angle and longer flats, plenty of room for controls before getting into the bend.

  7. Show a better pic

  8. get rid of the stock light switch cluster and buy the Sicass one.
    thinner and not as deep so you have more options.

  9. I have Flexx Bars which are worse when it comes to room for aftermarket switches and changing things around on the bars.
    I think Thumpertalk or ADVrider has a thread on this subject.
    that’s the good thing about forums versus facebook… these threads have a life. and you can refer to them years later!

  10. I’m running the same just wanted straighter bars but haven’t noticed that will have to look

  11. Ordered new switches! The rise of these bars is too nice to change them out.

  12. I run flexx bars narrow enduro center 12u00b0 with the long adventure ends. They allow for a ton of adjustability , have room for add ons like mirrors and provide a smooth ride for your hands.

  13. Well I got the new Cycra CRM bars and mounts and the bar hits the master cylinder housing well before it hits the mount. This has become a huge pain in the ass and quite pricey.

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