95 250GS


First post here so hi. After many many years away from field/enduro bikes ( and due to other financial commitments) I got this today. I believe its not the greatest and well under powerd but fun to ride nonetheless. Question is what miles does it need a service and guess no oil filter? 95 250GS i believe.


95 250GS

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  1. That’s an exc250 I’d say, there is transmission oil I’d do it about every 10hrs airfilter every second ride unless it’s really dusty, ensure you grease the sealing surface. And a quality 2 stroke oil in the fuel. That’s about it on those.

  2. The transmission oil will have a level plug. Drain it out, take out the level plug fill slowly till oil starts to weap out most 2 bangers are about 800ml

  3. Will motorex 10/50 do for trans?

  4. Thanks for quick responses…. got thrown straight into the ktm ownership thing with a kick start spring that snapped…. it was a good 14 hours trouble free ownership prior to that!! ud83eudd23ud83eudd23

  5. The USA it would be a EXC

  6. 95 was white, 96/97 butterscotch

  7. 96, missing the proper fork guards

  8. I wouldn’t call a 250 2t underpowered

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