Cold Air Intake For 2017 Grom


Looking for cold air intake for 2017 grom. Have a yoshi exhaust system. Any recommendations?

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Answers ( 6 )

  1. I was told to get the Chimera exhaust that comes with the KN filter, I haven’t installed it as it just arrived but it was a top recommendation from many owners.

  2. Do you need to get tune after or any type programmer

  3. Its recommended. Ive got a chimera on my grom it def wakes the bike up.

  4. What program do you have?

  5. I dont have a tune on mine but for best performance youll need either a pc or bazaaz. I dont have a full yoshi exhaust yet or a few hundred dollars to do everythijg i want to do

  6. Chimera, helps bottom and mid range alot.

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