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With cool weather approaching, an insulating pad under your bedding will make a HUGE difference in how warm, or cold, you feel. Standard air mattresses are cold because they have a large area to dissipate your body heat. To be warm I suggest a self inflating mat. They are foam lined and the good ones have an R value of 4.0 or higher. They roll up quite small if you are patient and usually weigh less than 2 pounds. The amazing thing is they are comfortable to sleep on! Do a search for “Self inflating camping mat” and it should give you several choices. Don’t skimp on sleeping gear in the cold. If you wake up numerous times in the night because you are cold, the next day you will be tired and that is when accidents happen because your reflexes are not what they should be. Ride safe, ride longer.

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  1. I had an inflatable, and froze my ass off. Once I started putting a fleece blanket between the mattress and my bedding, it was okay. We have self-inflating pads now and we’re going to try them out when we go camping in a couple weeks.

  2. When I had my Time Out, I insulated the bed boards, and would put a space blanket on the queen air mattress before the mattress cover. Worked great.

  3. I used my self inflating mat for the first time the other week. Comfortable enough for me the only pain is rolling it up and trying to get it back in it’s bag. Will be buying a travel cot, will make it even more comfortable. Next year I will try out a hammock.

  4. When I’m in motion I like my heated marble floors, when I’m on the bike I have a sheepskin blanket I put between the sleeping bag and the pad

  5. I’ll respectfully disagree, look at the Big Agnes insulated inflatable air mattress. Slept on it down to 25 degrees and it kept me very warm and comfortable and packs into a bag the size of a football.

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