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Newbie questions here !
1. Which tools do you carry with you on every rides ?
2. How can i be sure of the temperature of the bike ? Precisely, how do i know warm-up is done ?
3. I want to unscrew the pillion seat, which side do i need to turn ? It doesn’t seems to move in any direction and i just don’t wanna make an error and break something…

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  1. Every tool you will need for an emergency is under your seat. All you have to do is unlock the side panel on the left side of your bike and grab the Allen key that is behind it. Unscrew the seat and it should be in a black bag

  2. Answer1 There are tools under the seat…add a few things if space allows. Answer2 On start up the revs go up to just over 2K let it idle at that. Drops to just over 1K when optimum run temperature is reached. You can rev slightly if you prefer but best just to let the engine and its systems do it for you. Don’t high rev from cold take it steady for a while. Answer3 The allen screw is normal thread,….. right turn tightens left un-tightens… they are pretty tight so a hand key may not be best … get a socket wrench type one to fit your wrench.

  3. That’s what’s closed with the key ?!? Whas wondering what it was, even the dealer couldn’t tell me, that’s crazy !!

  4. Yea I discovered it while changing my battery about a month back lol

    • I had a good nose in there after I got home from the dealers, missed it and learned that is where the key is from this group, so looked again. I have keys…so carrying one in a pocket would have been a pain but possible.

    • I use to carry one in my backpack until I found it.

    • Changed allen head size fitting the rack,….. made a swap but the smaller key has to have tape wrapped around it so it doesn’t jump out of holder.

  5. I let my warm for about 3 mins, the idle drops right down around the 3 min mark. You can hear the difference and the RPM is like 1.5 or so.

  6. Righty tighty, lefty loosey

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