Changing the oil on the new to me 450 XC


One more question, changing the oil on the new to me 450 XC. The post owner drilled and safety wired all 3 drain bolts and all 4 oil filter bolts…but didn't do a lot of other needed maintenance… Is it necessary to safety wire all those things? It's a pain in the ass to do after every oil change

Changing the oil on the new to me 450 XC

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Answers ( No )

  1. Good god no.

  2. Absolutely not.

  3. Damn who the heck would do that? I’m guessing an AandP. Those guys Saftey wire everything.

  4. Throw it away and get yourself some blue lock tight

  5. Cut it off, it wasn’t done right to begin with.

  6. Use a torque wrench and the manual for the spec like from the factory , the safety wire is overkill and not needed

  7. Not required but I safety wire a ton of things on my bike. That saftey wire job is trash anyway

  8. If he raced it doing super mortared he would have had to lockwire. I use tiny drop of low strength thread locker(purple) on bolt the rub the other one against it. Then a one handled firm not hard nip up with a t-bar. Basically any cover Nut I think has a very low torque setting. Always remember steel fixtures in allow you need to be very careful

  9. No but it can’t hurt. Also if you didn’t already know. Those oil filter bolt are harder than and magnesium case and will strip very ,very very easily. The torque spec I believe is only like 2 or 4 nanometers. If you think it’s too loose it probably too tight.

  10. Somebody smoked some weed and got crazy with their new tool… I have owned 5 RFS machines.. never had a filter bolt come loose.. sprocket nuts, shifter,kick starter and spokes but never that.

  11. Probably road raced or motard raced. Its required to wire those.

  12. LMAO. Jeezus no! Get rid of those wires.!

  13. Don’t need um unless you’re on a track.

  14. FYI you’re bike has been hammered on. Lol

  15. It’s only required for race bikes

  16. Probably road raced in Motard classes with AHRMA,WERA, etc

  17. Fyi, if you want that mud to come out of the Aluminum cases, use Eagle 1 mag-wheel cleaner, it’ll come up like new.

  18. I’ve got an ’07 525 Exc with the same filter set-zip and I’ve never had an issue.

  19. 30 years in the garage and the only thing I ever found needed safety wire is small block Chevy header bolts.
    Oh, and almost EVERY non-engine bolt on a 2004 harley…

  20. No it not necessary that is done for road racing..if you toque it its right C&M Cycles 3018i47091

  21. Not needed. Never lost one.

  22. It’s needed for racing..

  23. Red loctite is easier

  24. Had that same engine in a EXC and the bolds were never an issue. Never even seen that done before.

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