2019 FE 250 Vortex ECU


So I bought a 2019 FE 250

Need to wake her up,anyone install a Vortex ECU?

Emission delete?

Full pipe maybe?

Looking to wake it up,and don't say I need bigger bike…that's none sense

2019 FE 250 Vortex ECU

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  1. All three will help.

  2. I’m new to the Thumpers and Husky
    Do they run thicker gaskets like a Xc smokers ?

  3. Emissions don’t do anything for power gain. They just stop some popping. How ever the reed valve and exhaust will help if u open and remove. But you’ll need a new ecu or JD tuner to add more fuel. Don’t mess with ur TPS!

  4. Would it not have been more reasonable to buy the exact same bike as an FE350 and not pay more in modding a 250?
    I’m genuinely curious about the motivation for this.

  5. You should have bought a bigger bike.

  6. Love the guys that tell me "What size bike I need"

  7. Most guys who tell people what bike they need can’t ride their bike to its potential. Yes a 250 has less power then a 501 but I bet most of the guys can’t keep a 250 wide open all the time off road.

  8. Full pipe mega bomb. Set throttle position sensor.

  9. I just bought the same bike. Put an fmf power core 4 on it to make it sound right (I don’t honestly believe they help with power). I ride woods in NE Washington and N Idaho. Noticed all the torque comes in at mid range rpm, so I geared it down with a 53 T sprocket. Much better power utilization now and still will do 80 mph.

  10. What are people doing for plate mounts?
    Seen a guy on video with a clean setup
    Flush mount led turns signal,says he got it off Ebay
    Video was from 2013

  11. KTM-HUSKY.com. I installed the emissions delete, grunt kit, power cap, Reed delete, fuel rail, big filter and Vortex PCM on my ’17 FE501 and its a completely different machine Now. Power everywhere, no flat spots, no flame outs and immediate throttle response. They have lots for all displacement machines and provide great service.

  12. Sell it and get a bigger bike.

    Small bikes are for wives.

    You can only go fast on a big bike.

    Who forgot to tell this guy?!


  13. Should a got a 350

  14. I’m thinking that all the people that tell me to buy a 350/450 cant hang with me on a 250F. LMFAO

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