Anyone run rottela 15w40?


Anyone run rottela 15w40? Curious if this would cause any damage to the clutch on a xcf

Anyone run rottela 15w40?

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  1. T6 5-40 synthetic

  2. Good luck with this question. You will get 1000 different answers, from people who swear by it to others why would never use it….

  3. Yep the T4 I’ve used HIGH quality oils and none ABSOLUTELY NONE shift as well as t4 never had an issue

  4. It is clutch friendly

  5. I use t6 in my Husky 501- 2 yrs now..

  6. A rekluse rep suggested rotella t4. He said the t6 was not as good. 10 years using it with no problems.

  7. I’ve run the white jug of Rotella, since early 2000, no problem

  8. I run T6 in my turbo car and t4 in my TE300, xr500, Yamaha 3 wheelers and my crf250x

  9. Sounds like T4 is the way to go.

  10. T6 is great. It sucks dumping expensive boutique oils; use T6 and change it all the time and feel good about it.

  11. I ran it in my XR 650.. worked fine, no clutch issues at all. That bike used less oil between changes with Motul in it, but the Rotella worked well enough I stopped paying for the Motul.

  12. No, The Rotella diesel will help deal with wet clutch issues because it has an anti soot additive to keep soot in suspension.

  13. Do you put Honda parts on your KTM? I wouldn’t run it

  14. Used to run it in my Honda and ktm for years but the Rekluse starts slipping so I now run the semi’s synthetic works perfect
    Have been using and racing with it for 4 years now know issues at all.

  15. They change up the formula often , make sure it’s rated for your use. Currently t6 5w-40 isn’t rated for wet clutch, but it was six months ago. Ive used diesel oil for years.

  16. I run the Rotella T4 in all my bikes.

  17. Been using it for years. No issues.

  18. A decade or longer trade secret no longer a secret. Change every 4 hrs on the dot.!

  19. I’m not going to say anything bad about Rotella because I’ve never ran it but I’ve ran Motorex on my KTM and on my husky four over 15 years and have never! and I mean never had a problem.

  20. The cost DLC coated cam followers and cams aren’t worth it.

  21. I ran T6 in my TX300 when I first bought it, but at the hare scramble races I noticed my clutch chattering after a real hard start, it happend at 3 races and that was with brand new T6 oil. I came home, changed to the motul, and never had the issue again in 4 more races. And my fan seemed to come on more than usual with T6. Just my observation. I used to use that oil in everything I own, but not anymore.

  22. I’ve been using it since 2016 in my 500 exc with no issues

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