what is the top speed of a 2013 CFMOTO ZFORCE 600EX I had heard that as a rule it was 55mph, I have seen some going 60 on youtube and I have read some people say they only would do 30 to 40…..also are the parts and labor cheaper to work on these than on polaris and how hard is it to find parts for?

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  1. About 46mph on mine, parts are harder to get sone times, labor on any SxS is expensive.

  2. ouch, that’s not good, thinking of buying one but its got to get at least 50 :-/

  3. My 2016 800ex had been up to 71 mph so far. But I haven’t had a really good stretch yet

  4. yeah I know the 800’s are fast just not sure if the 600’s are fast enough?

  5. My 800 does 74

  6. 600s are quite a bit slower

  7. The 500ho will reach 60 to 64 with 2 people

  8. what’s a 500 ho? and nobody’s 600 will do 50 or 55?

  9. oh ok its just an atv, am wanting side by sides

  10. They also make a zforce 500 ho that’s what I have same chassis as the 800 just different engine

  11. It is a side by side

  12. My 2012 will top out at 60

  13. Mine is a z600

  14. ok that’s what I seen on youtube too, but I’m getting mixed reviews, and is the ZFORCE 500 Trail slower than the 600? it would have to be wouldn’t it? Dirt Trax gives it a good review on the 500 but says it can be \

  15. I’ve located a 2013 CFMOTO ZFORCE 600EX for 6,500 and I think that might be an ok deal but I have to be able to break atleast 50

  16. The 500 is all around better then the 600 ask anybodyi thought the same thing that the 600 has to b better cause of the bigger engine but that’s not the case I rode both before I bought mine the 500 is faster on take off and top speed

  17. cool still sells for over 8,000 though right? very confusing

  18. Yea u can get a zforce 2017 out the door for mid 8 or maybe a little less if u find a 2016

  19. Zforce 500 I meant to say

  20. yeah I’m thinking this would be a good deal but I got to know if it’s one of the odd ball 600’s that can break 55ish

  21. sounds like a good deal but I couldn’t tell u about the top speed of the 600 I don’t c it going 60 maybe on a long stretch but I don’t know for sure

  22. Cody Lee Hammond could u give this guy some advice

  23. I have one ill start buy saying best machine iv ever bought parts easy and cheaper from what iv found mine does do 55 which by doing a little clutch modifying you can get more out of them which does go for anything you have all about gearing basically .. just think.of it this way you can spend thousands on.a Polaris and work all the time or buy a reliable machine ….

  24. Older models were faster id like to add mine is 2015

  25. I have the z600, it was slow, but I found a chip for it now will hit 55 on flat ground, and gets really good mileage, power to spare on hills. Just saying.

  26. What chip did u get ? Yea iv heard people with the same as u as fare as them being slower and all I can think is the set some clutches up different maybe mine has tons of power and still goes 55 toped it at 59 once but didn’t like running it wide open

  27. ok GREAT! those were the answers I’d been looking for Cody and Rodney Thank You! ­čÖé

  28. Your very welcome bro anymore questions feel free ill try and help if possible

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