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Question for you guys, new to the CFmoto family (2016 Uforce 800), I’ve owned hondas and Can-am and I run a 4 stroke ski-doo, I see a lot of people saying to change the oil every 300 or 400 miles, I run my 1200 ski-doo 4 stroke oil, for 3000 miles and have never had an issue (9800 miles on the clock), I see the book it says after the first break-in period, change it every 1800 miles. what is everyone had luck with?

I also see everyone having issues with Air filters, I don’t see it a lot mentioned about the uforce model but on the zforce, we put a total of 200 miles on ours in the past few days, 165 on the “dusty trail” and when I checked the air filter it was clean, the paper filter underneath was even still white. Were there issues, before the 2016 models that were changed for 2016? Thanks

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  1. Don’t know about the uforce model but the zforce we ditch the stock air filter asap. Ive been changing my oil in zforce every 300-400 miles.

  2. Here is what I found, I will be calling the dealer and CFmoto USA Monday to get a true idea when we should change the oil, at the rate we ride, I would be changing oil every 2 weeks if it is ever 300- 400 miles.

    Uforce 800 Oil

  3. I put synthetic in and only change about 600 to 900 miles, I have over 3300 miles, and have only change 3 times, was told that sometimes ya have to go by the color of the oil! I do.

  4. Why NOT change it every 3-500? If you don’t want to maintain it don’t own it I say. It’s better to keep good fresh oil then be cheap and try to make that oil last as long as possible. These engines work hard. That’s what small engines do. They work hard and run hot. Keep good fresh clean oil in them.\n\nBtw, we’ve been told to warn our customers that especially in the 800s, do NOT use full synthetic oil because of the wet clutch. The synthetic oils can cause slippage and premature wear in the wet clutch.

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