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Hi guys , I’m a prospective dealer for CFMOTO can anyone give me some feedback on there machines and how they compare to other ATVs they’ve had in the past…thanks guys..!

Jason Jodon:

At the time I was in the market to buy a side by side, i was looking at the razor 900s eps, with the accessories i wanted the cheapest place locally wanted 19000 otd, on top of that there was a selling freeze on them because of recalls for the razors catching on fire, i had every intention of buying a 900s, told the dealer that when he could order more to order me one in burnt orange color, all of my friends were riding and i was sitting at homewaiting, caught the riverboat for my 21 day trip, and happen to run across some videos of cfmoto zforce 800 ex s , after watching several videos i was impressed with the lower price especially with it already having 95%percent of the accessories i wanted already installed, it took dam near my whole boat trip to find a dealer that was close enough to me that i would feel comfortable buying one in case of warranty work. Hendershot performance located in belpre ohio just 40 minutes from my house. When i got home my wife and I went to hendershot, Larry answered every question i had, showed me their zforce 800 ex they race, and let us take one for a test ride. That sold me needless to say the next day i had the cash in hand and was bringing a 2016 cfmoto zforce 800 ex home, which now has over 1600 miles, no serious issues, I am glad i stumbled across those utube videos, otherwise i would have been paying several, several, thousands of dollars more for the polaris razor 900s, when i got a sxs that is just as capable and will go anywhere a 900s will go. Thanks Larry and Hendershot Performance

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  1. I race mine and it is faster and built every bit as good as the other machines out there in our class (800cc and under). If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me. Or you can look up my race team “Eminent Performance”

  2. You definitely get more for your money. The brand does need WAY more promotion. I was looking for a sxs and stumbled on cf moto

  3. Dave Hafler, I am also a dealer, and have been very happy with the product. Very dependable and durable. We repair and service all brands, and CFMoto products stand up to any other. They are also great on parts and warranty.

  4. CFMOTO is fixing a problem with mine even though it’s 8 months out of warranty they stand behind the product

  5. We got Uforce 800eps. My buddy’s was rasin me till they road in it. They all have 1000 & 900s at $6000 more in them. No jokin no more

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