Key blank for a 2016 Z Force 500 from CFMoto?


Can you buy a key blank for a 2016 Z Force 500 from CF Moto? Instead of replacing the whole ignition. Asking this for a CF Moto response. Thank You
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  1. I’m gonna go with no…

  2. I’ve replaced my ignition switch 3 times in the last 6 months… why you ask… bc I lose my keys almost daily

  3. You would think they would offer at least a blank for sale …verses replacing ignition switches. Could you replace the steering lock after that?

  4. Yes. I had to get a key from dealer and went to local hardware store to have it cut.

  5. Yes your dealer should have blanks. I had get one from my dealer. No charge, just take to hardware and they’ll cut it for you for around 3 bucks.

  6. I took my spare to a locksmith and had him cut me a couple spares. Cost me 22 bucks.

  7. Turns out you can buy a cfmoto Key blank. The dealer can order it. Then have someone like Ace Hardware cut the key for around 3 bucks.

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