Center Stand Recommendation For V-Strom DL650


Witch center stand would u guys recommend for my 2015 Vstrom? SW Motech or a Suzuki one there with in couple dollars of each other

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  1. Happy Trails was cheaper when I purchased a couple years ago.

  2. I use SWM and happy like a clam!

  3. I’ve got a sw on mine and after a winter or two the paint does come off but just cosmetics.

  4. My SW Motech stand is getting delivered today. I’ll probably install it tonight. I’ll post here with my thoughts on it.

  5. My experience is only with SW Motech, but I have absolutely no complaints! Just don’t forget to grease the pivot point before you get it installed.. removal and replace wasn’t what I wanted to do..

  6. SW is better, i used this in my two WEE

  7. studebaker manufacturing

  8. Sw is great. No issues so far.

  9. SW is definitely the easiest center stand to use (once you get past the installation).

  10. If you going any off road go without. It drops the Centre by 60 mm. Rocks mess them up. Buy a paddock stand

  11. I just paid $230 for an OEM stand. Isn’t SWM like $300?

  12. I’m sorry I shared my experience with you all happy people.

  13. I’ve had the SW for over 9 years and have been happy….I remember installing the spring was tuff but other than that it has been al good.

  14. The SW Motech is fantastic. I just received and installed mine today. Installation was easy…took about 45 mins. I was concerned that installing the spring would be difficult, based on some things I’d read, but it was no big deal. I used a large flathead screwdriver to lever it on. The stand is super easy to use..the bike goes up with very minimal effort. And it’s solid as a rock. With the bike on the stand, i can stand on the foot peg with all my weight, and nary a wobble. I give it a big ?. I paid $250 for it through Revzilla.

  15. My Happy Trails has been great. No spring to deal with during installation. I have no experience with SWM but I’m sure it’s good too. Took less than an hour to install (if that much) and that was WITH beers! ?

  16. My concern with the Happy Trails stand was that the instructions explicitly state that it is not intended to be a ride off stand. Rather, it’s a work stand. They advise not to sit on the bike while it’s on the stand. That leads me to believe it’s not as sturdy as the SW Motech stand.

    • Before I bought mine, I called them on the phone on that very issue. The guy I talked to said that he sits on his all the time. (It’s an over kill comment covering their asses I guess.) But very few ‘after market’ center stands are actually made to be “ride off”. Having had older bikes (I go back a long ways) I’ve been used to “ride offs” as they were built in from the factory. Keep in mind that you must have your side stand deployed before you use your center stand. If you did a ride off, you’d have to be VERY careful NOT to bang down on your side stand when you launched. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know how easy that would be to do. I can deploy my HT center stand without the side stand down (barely clears) but I CANNOT put my CStand back up because it’s blocked by the side stand from coming up very far. With the side stand down it would be a BAD EXPERIENCE, lol. I love to know what the SWM guys experience on this???

    • And I DO NOT take any responsibility for the above comment after two Margarita’s.

    • SWM Center stand can go up and down with side stand up.

    • I have been using Suzuki OEM last three years no issues , I can also use up and down while side stand up.

    • Scott, does SWM mention anything about not being able to ride off?

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