Completely Stock Yamaha WR250X


Just bought a 2008 wr250x with 2k miles on it, what is the first thing I should do to it besides ride it? It’s completely stock. Is there a mod like the drz 3×3 airbox mod that everyone does? Also what’s the move on handguards/crash protection

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  1. HDB handguards, Flatland skid/rad armor. Change the gearing from stock, you’ll be happy you did. I run 13/45 and it’s adequate for me, especially if you’re riding street.

  2. Don’t do the air box mod!

  3. Do the airbox mod

  4. Exhaust, programmer, airbox mods, AIS delete (kit is $10 shipped online), EXUP delete (you’ll need a resistor), sliders, handguards, fender eliminator.

  5. I usually do my bikes in this order: Protection; hand guards, frame guards, radiator guard, bash plate, sliders Etc. Then braided brake lines. After that power/suspension mods.

  6. Suspension

  7. Skid Plate single most important mod. Next Radiator guard. Then do the mods that make the bike better…tires, gears..etc

  8. Fuel helps. Ride the shit outta it and decide for yourself. If I were to build. 1- suspension 2- skid plate, rad guard and hand guards 3- tires 4- gearing + correction. 5- worlds your oyster.

  9. Bikes are like Doggos. 1. Do a heckin protect. (Guards, plates, yadda yadda.) 2. Do a heckin comfort (seat, ergo changes, bars, and grips) 3. Do a heckin grip (Tires, suspension, ect) and 4. Do a heckin bamboozle (hp mods, pipes, yadda yadda.)

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