Are Indian motorcycles manufactured and assembled in America?


Harley rider friend of mine asked me if Indian motorcycles are Manufactured and assembled in America or just assembled in America, I have no idea.

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  1. More American parts than his HD.

    • Please show me the proof of that.

    • Eric Snover pull a part off of either of the bikes and look for yourself.

    • See Jason many make this “claim” that you made and cannot substantiate it with facts. Since you made the claim it is your job to back it up with facts. Fact is you probably cannot do that or you would have when asked the question.

    • As this article points out: it’s really hard to know for sure because both companies are not completely forthcoming with that info.

    • Indian horn cover…

    • Eric Snover how many you want?

    • Jason Gamba where is the ecu made? The switches? The electronics? The rims? Hoses? Radio display? You’re taking photos of accessories not items that are on the bike from the manufacture lol

    • Eric Snover They are probably made in the same factory in China as HD. I didn’t say it was all made in America. I said it was more than HD.

    • Again please provide the facts behind this statement.

    • Eric it’s 70% American made, NOTHING is going to be 100% American made because it gets unreal costly plus we can’t manufacture EVERYTHING the bikes need, HD is about 25-30% American made and that’s FACTS.. I’m 100% positive you can go to the search bar, type in google & find all the results you’re little heart desires..

    • The lifters that blew the engine in my Street Glide CVO, were made in China. I’ll never own another Harley.

    • Carl Boehm provide the proof of that statement. You wont be able to find it because no manufacture will supply it.

      Facts are easy to provide and if it is in fact a fact that Indian is 70% American made this information will be provided by many sources. But I bet you won’t find one source of that info.

    • There’s not going to be a set percentage. But like I said, start taking parts off a HD and an Indian and let me know what you see as far as made in America.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s manufactured and built in America. But google can solve that question for you I’m sure.

  3. They are assembled in Spirit Lake,Iowa.

  4. Powertrain are also built in USA.

  5. Engines are assembled in Osceola, Wisconsin

  6. I watched then being built myself in Spirit Lake Iowa this past August. Engines built in Wisconsin. Our group at the factory.

  7. It is manufactured and built in Iowa

  8. All USA.

  9. You will see that HD is not allowed to use “made in America” they can only claim “assembled in America”. Indian is made in USA with a low percentage of foreign parts.

  10. There was a recent article in one of the magazines that I was reading that said about 10% to 15% of the Indian is foreign origin… about 20% for Victory… and 35% to 50% for HD’s.

  11. 85% of the parts used are produced in the US. Some plastics you literally cannot get in the United States. The entirety of the bike is assembled in America.

  12. Assembled in the good ole US of A……parts well thats another story (some) are from elsewhere

  13. Manufactured and assembled. American made thru and thru

  14. No a lot of the wiring is from China. Should open up your bike and look at where most of the parts are being made for him. Even the aftermarket parts are made in China.

  15. The Indian rep in Kansas City said about 70% of the bike is made here in the US if anybody was really wanting to know the answer to that.

  16. India might be who knows wouldn’t surprise me.

  17. I just took a tour on Friday and I asked where they get their castings from (I used to be a casting buyer in my previous life). She said they come from “overseas”.

  18. Wrong. The castings are poured in Wisconsin.

  19. There’s nothing in these bikes from India. Stop quoting an article you didn’t read right.

  20. HD 750 street is made in India and some of model CKD. Now polaris is planning to make some of indian in India. My advice look at global sale of this this two brand. Don’t feel it inside America only.

  21. Doesn’t matter if it’s Indian or Harley…Ford or Chevy…Caterpillar or John Deere. None are built with 100% American components. It’s my understanding that Indian incorporates more (a higher percentage) of American made parts than HD, but who really cares. I look for quality, durability & longevity with the least amount of breakdowns/problems & easy PM. Nuff said.

  22. Ok I’ve done some research on this very hard to get real answers as they all use American companies that import parts from other countries but most of what I find is 64% of Harley made in America and 80% of Indian made in America.

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