Can-Am puppy express done


Got the puppy express done. They love it.

Can-Am puppy express done

Can-Am puppy express done

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  1. Is that a Newfy?

  2. Yep. Stevie Nicks. 3 yrs old. A rescue. 160 pounds

  3. So cool. Great job bet they love it

  4. Nice, only question will they stay in when you stop?

  5. I see you wear eye protection ,maybe the dogs could use some. Road dust and grime destroys the dogs eyes.

  6. Nice looking Newf! I had a big guy like that …. only black. Hopefully you’re only doing slow trips around the neighborhood? Wouldn’t go too fast with them loose like that. Bet they love it.

  7. Sig E Sigafoose

  8. Wow! That’s a lot of dog. Yesterday we saw a sidecar with a Great Pyrenees and a large mutt in it, thought those two were big but yours has them beat.

  9. yeah saw this this morning

  10. That is so cool!

  11. Her there Eric Horn. Come and join us . There are 3 questions that will need to be answered to assure we do our best to keep the scammers out. Love you to share your trailer and what you use to tether that big pup.

  12. Alan Kauffman what do you think?

  13. Looks great, but where do you live? Are there any restrictions for pets riding in an open trailer?

  14. Nice but hope they are tethered securely.

  15. This combination rolls past my house at least once a week. If you zoom in you can read their breed on the side of the hack.

  16. What kind of dog is the Big one?? He or she is GORGEOUS!!

  17. The bikes nice, But the Newfie is better. GOD I MISS MY BOY Salty…

  18. Are the dogs secured in there.

  19. Looks great, but there’s very little protection against debris, wind, and fumes for those beautiful babes. Not worth it….

  20. Did you make the trailer or buy it ?

  21. Love this. ud83dudc3eud83dudc3eud83dudc3eud83dudc3eud83dudc3eud83dudc3e

  22. Welcome from Littleton Colorado

  23. So cool, lucky dogs

  24. Great Job, enjoy the rides together and forget the nah-sayers… Remember, we survived when there were no seatbelts, laying on the back glass deck and having peanuts at school everyday… Ride on…

  25. That is one great big woolybugger of a pup!

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