Do you still lean in curses?


Question? For all the former two motorcycles riders. Do you still lean in curses? I didn't notice at first, but I guess I do it most of the time. I just think its funny and a force of habit. Love my 13 Spyder.

 Do you still lean in curses?

 Do you still lean in curses?

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  1. Absolutely! I haven’t installed a stiffer suspension, so my 14 RTS leans some on curves and I like it just fine. Do your thing and leave the rest in the dust!!

  2. Yes! I still do it!

  3. I was taught in 3 wheel endorsement class to lean.

  4. I do and I still put my feet on the ground.

  5. Natural reaction.

  6. If you want to corner at a spirited pace you have to lean into the corner.

  7. yes. And several I ride with swear the Spyder leans in corners as well. Apparently optical illusions are alive and well.

  8. I did the first year but don’t anymore.

  9. I lean up and forward on sharp curves because it helps to make sure that wheel stays on the ground better and to keep my butt on the (But only been a passenger on 2 wheel Goldwing and I just sat there.. I love riding my own now..)

  10. I ride both. I lean on my 2008 RS as I am top heavy so it counteracts the centrifugal force

  11. I don’t know if I need too, but it feels like it helps when I’m going a little fast to lean into it

  12. Remember these machines are designed by a company that was originally known for making snowmobiles. The body design is like a snowmobile and it only makes sense that leaning into a corner will aid in a much better corner.

  13. The leaning isn’t quite for the same reason as on 2 wheels, but it’s still a natural thing to do. Try taking a fast curve in your car and see if you don’t lean into the curve just a bit. The centrifugal force is pulling you to the outside of the curve, so leaning into the curve helps keep you level.

  14. It’s physics.

  15. Do you still put your feet down when you stop

  16. I lean & see if I can get a wheel up on my wife’s Spyder (I ride a Victory cruiser). So far I haven’t…

  17. Yes, nice pick on the Spyder!

  18. I have a friend who has been riding motorcycles for a really long time and he says he leans when he’s driving his car. Lol

  19. I do and I never rode 2 wheels it just makes me feel safer If that makes sense

  20. Totally, especially if riding harder, makes a real difference to cornering

  21. I lean. And sometimes when the turns are tight, I shift my butt to side of the turn and lean in.

  22. Lean when pushing the envelope, otherwise the bike will lift inside wheel and the Nanny will spoil all yer fun.

  23. No…do not lean. I have taken curves at 96mph and haven’t leaned. I ride a F3T limited.

  24. I lean aggressively and can make it turn harder.

    Yesterday on a group ride I was behind a couple on an RT. They were not leaning into the turn and it was very apparent that their inside front wheel was nearly coming off the ground as the weight drifted outside. It looked dangerous.

  25. Ya just gotta keep leaning to get around the curves (faster) it’s just a natural thing to do. If you really want to get serious before buying ask around about a sway bar. That will change your bike. Be safe, God Bless

  26. I think it adds to the experience! Lean on and have fun!

  27. I take tight turns similar to riding a snowmobile. I have a 2014 ST. I find the riding position, for me, better than an F3. I can use my feet better to position my lean angle.

  28. We lean but you have to lean different for 3 wheels, hubby takes the corners pretty fast.

  29. Absolutely, it is more for your comfort as the machine will stay on track, but your body mass in a sharp Corner wants to be thrown from the machine.

  30. My take is on a 2-wheeler, you lean for yourself and the machine. On a 3-wheeler, you lean only for yourself as there is no benefit for the machine.

  31. Took a three wheeled course to get my license and they teach you to shift on the seat and lean…

  32. It is true that there is usually little benefit to leaning at typical speed limits. But, if you are taking a corner fast enough to lift the inside tire, you can lean and keep it down. So leaning is part of performance riding. Don’t agree, then don’t do it. The Nanny is there for everyone else.

  33. Leaning isn’t my problem. I still try to counter-steer.

  34. Leaning okay. Try side-shifting in the seat too. Work great together on sharp, no-reduced-speed curves

  35. Yup – Stll lean, and the side-shit too, even though I have been riding a SpYder for 8 yrs….

  36. 2013 hello from Minnesota!

  37. If you like cornering then i would recommend the Baja Ron sway bar. World of difference. Especially riding two up!!

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