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Looking for an 07-10 Ultra Classic from a dealership that offers financing. Anyone know of a dealership in the eastern half of the USA that is honest, reputable and does not want an arm and a leg for their Harleys? A link to their site would be very helpful. Thanx all!!!

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  2. Baer Harley in Honesdale PA.

  3. Newport Cycles, Forrest Hill MD. See John. He sends you to HarCo Credit Union. Great guy bikes are usually under NADA. He inspects


  5. I think for a fee any HD dealer will do financing even on a private sale as long as both parties agree on the terms

  6. Got better rates at my credit Union

  7. Think outside the box! Go to an Indian Dealer. They get HDs in on trade for Indians and sell them for 5-10K less than HD dealers. As an example, look at San Antonio, TX

  8. i think they charge a fee of $200 to do outside finance

  9. I got a 07 ultra black cherry pearl beauty 8500

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