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Suggestions on best time of year to Ride “the Dragon ” (not so crowded but not snowing either))and where to rent from near an international airport?

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  1. Love the dragon…my favorite ride of all n goin up to Fontana Dam I live not far from it I have been everyday of the week b4 Friday, Saturday, Sunday is very crowded now b a good time to ride it till end of October nice n cool. If ya want not crowded go Monday-Thursday

  2. The key is riding it mid week in the morning say before 0900.

  3. I ride it every Columbus Day. Trees are changing color, it’s not too hot and even though it’s a holiday, it’s also a Monday and the traffic is very limited. I will say that by Oct the mornings are cold. The key is to avoid weekends.,_Tennessee

  4. Mid to late fall and stay away from the weekend. Many, MANY other roads to ride in the area that IMHO are more fun to ride

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