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1984’s world’s “Fastest Production Motorcycle” crown taken by Honda’s VF1000R

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  1. What a joy in those days to twist a VF1000F throttle! It was heavy, but Canadian SB champ Steve Dick could handle it. Except May 27, 1984 when he center-punched the great Robert Holden’s Suzuki at Westwood. Alice Macpherson got the story & Graeme Fitch the shot! We Yanks saw it all from above the hairpin, but my B/W pix were no match for Fitch’s.

  2. Sold quite a few of them in my day. I know 2 people who still have them.

  3. Built for production racing

  4. Was a bit of a dud. Honda Australia used the VF 1000F for superbike racing. The R was too heavy and the gear driven cams was too difficult to raise compression and were nearly twice as expensive as the F. The Gpz 900 Kwaka would blow its doors off in production trim. Nice to ride on the road though.

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