Best Looking Hard Bags for Kawasaki Vulcan


What are best looking hard bags for our bikes? Corbin or there are other , more reasonable priced alternatives ? Pictures plizz ?if possible. Thanks gang!

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  1. Kawasaki vaquero bags

  2. Personally, I like the old Nomad bags and am in the (very slow) process of putting them on. Jim had some on his. (Stealing your pictures, Jim!)

  3. I love the tsukayu strongs, I never had a chance to use, getting another set next season, also like tsukayu coners

  4. Nomad bags with factory saddle bag brackets. Trim spacers by 3/4 in to pull in tight

  5. Order for jumbo strongs and double boox fairing colormatched do to be delivered friday. Will post a pick of them and see how well they mach paint.

  6. I like to stay within the Vulcan family. Nomad bags look best to me.

  7. Question about Nomad bags. Did you guys modified mounting brackets or is there anything online to mount them?

  8. Stock brackets with homemade mounting plate. You may want to drill a few more holes in the bags as well.

    • These are the brackets I’m using too, made for the VN2000 for generic bags. Does require drilling the Nomad bags. I wish they had an undersupport so we wouldn’t have to use a mounting plate.

  9. And you may want to shave the spacers to bring them a little closer to the bike.


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