Benefits of lowering the front of the bike?


Hey guys, just wondering what are the benefits of lowering the front of the bike if any, does it affect cornering and should I put it back to where it’s supposed to be, it was like this when I brought it, sorry if this is a noob question.

Benefits of lowering the front of the bike?

Benefits of lowering the front of the bike?

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  1. It’s supposed to quicken up the steering, but give it less high speed stability. On the other hand, if it makes the steering that good, why didn’t Yamaha make it like that? Lol

  2. Theres a fine line between pleasure n pain

  3. I would get it set up professionally, I took mine to a TT racer, if you’re anywhere near the north east, I would really recommend him. The place is called Weardale Racing and it’s the best u00a350 I’ve spend on the bike.

  4. 5 mm makes a difference to the rake.

  5. Depends if the rear is lowered as well

  6. Nice color scheme btw

  7. ….if ya like boats, it’ll handle like one !!!

  8. Have you got the suspension tuned for your weight?

  9. All depends on your height, weight and riding skill, that low it will turn in really quick and it’s easy to get caught out but it’s fun throwing it from side to side but it’s not a comfortable riding position for me as I’m 6’3′ so it puts a lot of strain on your wrists.

  10. Unless you have any idea what you’re doing keep it at stock height. Messing with that potentially send you down the road tank slappering when you hit a small pebble.

  11. This will alter both the rake and the trail of the geometry of the bike, both dynamically and static.

    There are a loose set of numbers that any bike should remain within for its geometry, and these come down to swingarm angle, rake and trail…

    Just cause Yamaha built it does not mean it is right, a lot of the older bikes are quite far out.

    Effectively all you are doing here from a riders perspective is changing how fast the bike drops into the turn.

    You should look for a neutral feel so it doesn’t drop in too fast and doesn’t drop so slow that you have to muscle it in.

    It is down to rider preference… But as I said there are a set of geometry numbers the bike needs to remain within for the bike to handle well.

    You need to go find your local Suspension Specialist, not a race prep shop, a proper Suspension Guy.

    Anyway got to go, got to get back to work before Free Practice starts…

    Mark u0040 ssr-suspension

  12. It will turn into corners quicker and wheelie less but the compromise is is will come out slower and be less stable under heavy breaking but also dependent on where ur rear ride height is set??

  13. Check to see if you have a lowered link added to the bike. Ideally you should have no more than. 5mm if it’s a stock bike.

    My guess is that you are at 25mm lowered up front. While braking hard that bike is going to be highly unstable and dangerous if your aren’t accustomed to the geometry set.

  14. I did it on mine, never noticed much difference. Put it back to stock cause I didn’t like the way it looked

  15. Fuck me thats extreme 10mm is enough bet that handles great ha ha

  16. No benefits

  17. That looks scary as shit. I raised my rear by an inch with new shock and dropped the front 5mm. 10mm was way too much.

  18. I lowered my wife’s r6 2′ front and rear. The bike handled much differently lowered. To me it was not as good but her bike is still VERY nimble. I only lowered it so that she could touch the ground without leaning to one side when stopped.

    On my spare bike *ahem* (05 gsxr750)…. it was lowered when I got it. It handled MUCH better after returning to stock height.

    Just my .02

  19. Aryon Mosco haha

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