Difference between 530 chain and 520 chain?


Can someone tell me the difference between 530 chain and 520 chain. What's better and why

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  1. Aluminum vs some heavy ass metal

  2. Weight and strength

  3. 520 is a narrower chain , it’s lighter but when you get into the higher end chains the 530 will have higher tensile strength ratings

  4. I’m assuming the 530 is more reliable from the research I’ve done

  5. 530 is stock factory size

  6. I’ve heard a lot my ppl in my area go to a 520 so I wasn’t sure what that was all about.

  7. Its just the chain width. 520s are stronger than oem if you buy a good brand. Sprockets arent any lighter unless you buy aluminum which dont last long at all. I have a Vortex 520 chain/sprocket kit on my 15

  8. Thanks guys

  9. I haven’t bought a chain in many years but I’ve ran a bunch of 520 chains and they weren’t the cheap ones and they never seemed to last they always stretched out , once I went back to 530 I never had any problems, also if you do a lot of street riding don’t waste your money on aluminum sprockets

  10. Exactly what Jake Llut

  11. Less rotating mass and friction with the 520. Only makes the slightest gain on the track.

  12. 530 is 10 more chain than 520 so it 10 chains longer

  13. i guess im an idiot so i wont respond

  14. Guess Google is broken. Lol

  15. I’m gonna get a ek 520gp threed xnx superlites when I convert my 15

  16. I use 520 for 2 reasons, the sprockets are cheaper and i haveba few depending on which track im going to, and you lose less power in the chain with a 520. 530s are heavy and thicker, more hard wearing but that comes at a cost with power.

  17. I’ve just read the question and with the use of a calculator I can tell you the answer is 10.

    Yep, definitely 10.

  18. Ever had a chain go on you at speed, not a nice thing. Reason why a 530 is used because of the incredible force going through to the back wheel. 520 is smaller and weaker, however it is lighter

  19. I just fixed a big hole in the block on an 07 i bought because the chain broke. I would never go to a 520 on a 1000cc bike.

  20. Brandon Whitehead

  21. It’s a rhetorical question Yamaha is not compatible with 520 chains

  22. 520 525 530 guess which is stronger? 525 is OK for street use if you’re not going to stretch it or drag race but will not last as long , if you do race or intend to stretch out your swing arm stay 530.

  23. 520 is a bad idea all the way around. Not worth the risk, but sure it’ll bolt on, but a litre should be 525 min

  24. 520 RK gold chain with vortex steel sprockets!!! 2 years old with about 15k and a hand full of track days!!!! 520 is proven to give more HP due to less friction!!!! It’s all on how you take care of it!!!!! Geez people!!! Clean and lube your chain every 200 miles!! I try and do it ever week

  25. The answer is 2 clicks

  26. more cowbell

  27. 520 is for a chainsaw

  28. 520. Never had an issue. Always buy quality chains.

  29. Ek3d… 520. Don’t be afraid.

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